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Taking Care Of Your Billing

ABA Billing Solutions LLC. is the company you can trust when it comes to applied behavior analysis billing.

Managing Cash Flow Within Your Business

Thriving in the Medical Billing Industry for More Than 17 Years

Businesses in the medical sector are struggling because of low insurance reimbursement. Billing errors and unworked account receivables can also make a company sink.

At ABA Billing Solutions LLC., we provide applied behavior analysis billing services. We’re here to help ensure accurate cash flow. 

What We Offer

Benefit Verification

Denied Claim Dispute

Payment Collection and Posting

Billing Claim Authorization

Claim Recovery Projects

Staff Training

Who We Are

We are determined to provide best ABA billing services and revenue cycle management to all of our ABA heroes. With more than 17 years of experience in medical billing and coding, our work will speak for itself.

Meet Our Team

All of our staff are certified medical billers. Each of them must attend regular meetings and conferences to stay up to date with all ABA billing changes. Give us a call today!

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